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Vape Mods” is one of the terms used to describe a vape device. A vape mod is essentially just the main device without a vape tankcoils or batteries. It’s generally not as cost effective to buy one on its own, vape starter kits provide the greatest value. However, if you already have tanks and coils you love, pairing them with one of the latest releases makes perfect sense.

Best Vape Mods online

There isn’t a simple one size fits all solution. There are many different types to choose from, including mechs, personal vaporizers, box mods, and more. At, our selection includes the highest quality personal vaporizers – from small and compact devices to super powerful vapes. For those who want to choose their own batteries, coils and tanks; we offer a wide selection of new mod only.

For those who want to vape right out the box, we offer the best kits. These kits not only include vaporizers but also include the accessories needed to operate the device immediately.

Here at we’ve created four different categories to help you find the perfect device quickly and easily.

vape mods for sale

Giving a consistent output, excellent battery life and setup customization. If you already have coils and tanks that you love, all you need to do is pair them up with the perfect box mod. We’re proud of our selection of devices and we’re always working hard to make sure all the latest releases get added.

Variable Output

A variable output mod uses its chipset technology to regulate its output power. You can then adjust the output by either changing the wattage or the voltage. All the devices we sell on have advanced safety features, so you and your device stay safe. Variable devices give you massive flexibility in what wire, coils and tanks can use. The ultimate device for vaping veterans.

Temperature Control

Temp control (sometimes called TC) is crucial for an awesome vaping experience. It allows you to set the exact temperature you want your coil to heat up to. TC vapes monitor the temperature thousand of times a second to stop overheating. The selection features all the latest variable control vapes from the best vape brands.


Squonking isn’t new but right now it’s becoming massively popular in the vaping world. With a built-in vape juice bottle you can store more liquid than RTAs. Providing the same flavor intensity of dripping but without having to carry around another bottle.

About Vape Mods

There are many things that you should consider before making your decision on which one to choose. There’s no shortage of devices out there, but if y1ou are looking for a setup to match your vaping style you’re in the right place. When you’re in the hunt to buy a mod, consider the following:

  • Power: Depending on what vape style you have, there are many different vapes options for you to choose from. There are some extremely powerful devices out there with some vapes delivering over 200 watts of vaping power! Perfect for cloud chasers. Other devices, like pod systems, were made for low power and discrete vaping; providing a low-wattage vape experience with less vapor production.
  • Size: The most powerful vapes are typically much bigger in size than lower wattage devices. Some bigger devices, especially box mods, may be larger and heavier; and may not fit as snuggly in the pocket as a smaller device. If compactness is what you’re looking for, check out our recommendations for the best small vape devices.
  • Design: Over the last several years, the most known vape brands have begun teaming with some of the world’s most popular vape device designers to create sleek and unique vapes that everyone can enjoy. Whether you are looking for a box, pod vape or a pen vape vaporizer, a chrome device or a pink vape, or anything else – our wide selection ensures that you will find a device that meets your specific vaping personality.
  • Brands: Here at we make sure that we only list the best vape brands. All brands must have cutting edge safety features in their devices. When it comes to vaping there are plenty of excellent brands to choose from and the diversity of the products available is astounding. Make sure you read about the unique features of the devices so that you buy one which matches your vape style.

DirectVapor is here to make your vape shopping easier. We have an extensive range of premium vape mods from high-quality brands that range from 50W to over 200W of power. DirectVapor is proud to list our vape mods in a wide range of prices, without sacrificing the quality, so everyone can have a device that they enjoy.

If you are new to the vaping community we have Blog curated by our writers here at Direct Vapor. Find useful information written by vapers for vapers about Sub-Ohm, Atomizers, Nicotine Salts, Squonking, E-Juice, Vape Coils and more.

Don’t let all the bells and whistles of these devices scare you, DirectVapor is here to help you shop with confidence.

Which Vape Mod Do I Choose

One of the best things about the vaping community expanding is variety. But with all of these possibilities people tend to get overwhelmed with questions.

Choosing a vape device isnt a process we take lightly, because finding a vape that fits your needs is important to us. It is important to understand the differences in both style and function to figure out what you are looking for—extended battery life, on-the-go use, ease of use.

We took the hard work out for you and brokedown the different vape mod devices to make your shopping experience easier.

Box Mods

Box Mods come in a stunning variety of shapes, sizes, and colors; but the one thing they’ve all got in common is power! Box Mods are the “heavy hitters” in the power department of the vape scene, and the biggest question you should be asking when trying to select a Box Mod is “How much power do I really want?”! Our incredible selection of Box Mods offer something for everyone – with power levels ranging from mild to wild, and encompassing everything in between! In addition to impressive power, Box Mods offer an excellent degree of versatility! Due to their standardized fittings, Box Mods are capable of accepting a nearly boundless selection of top-quality, high-performance Vape Tanks!

Are you in the market for a Box Mod? Check out our amazing selection of awesome Box Mods with options to satisfy the most finicky vapers with prices that work with any budget! If a Box Mod upgrade is in your future – you’re in the right place! Check them out!

Why Buy from Direct Vapor?

Shopping with off-brand retailers is never a good idea, their products are not created with premium materials which can lead to serious harm to your body. Buy from Direct Vapor assured that you will receive high-quality tested products that will take you to that sub-ohm level.

The members of our team are active advanced vapers that care about the products we sell because we understand more than anyone that vaping isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. At Direct Vapor you will find an extensive collection devices/accessories/and more from top brands in the vaping community.

Important Vaping Information


Sub-Ohm Vaping is a term used to describe a type of vaping that uses a heating coil which meters below one ohm in resistance. This style of vaping is characterized by awesome performance including large, thick clouds and rich, robust flavors. If you want the ultimate vaping experience, there’s no choice but to probe the depths of Sub-Ohm Vaping! Thankfully, we’ve got a broad selection of Sub-Ohm Vape Tanks, Box Mods, and Vape Starter Kits! Check out our selection and take your vape to the next level today!

Temperature Control

Of all of the incredible technology that’s made its way to our mods, Temperature Control has to be one of the most revolutionary! Temperature Control technology is now considered a standard feature on modern vape devices, but this wasn’t always the case! Temperature Control technology allows for longer coil life, no burned tasting puffs, and even more control over your vape experience. If you haven’t yet experienced how consistent and reliable a vape Temperature Control technology can afford, you owe it to yourself to try it today! You may already have a Temperature Control compatible device, but even if you don’t — Never fear! DirectVapor has an impressive selection of Box Mods and Vape Starter Kits featuring this most modern of vaping advancements!


Not all batteries are created equal! You can’t expect a high-quality vape from a low-quality battery, and yet, vape batteries are one of the most overlooked aspects of awesome vape performance! Maybe it’s because it doesn’t matter which AAA’s you toss into the TV remote, but trust us, it matters to your mod! High quality high-performance battery cells make all the difference when it comes to squeezing that last bit of performance out of your cloud-chucking monster rig, but even if you vape on the tamer side, premium batteries go a long way toward avoiding unpleasant situations! Are your current batteries right for your mod? Do you know? Don’t worry about it! We’re here to help! DirectVapor has the information and selection of batteries you need to find the battery that will be a perfect match for your favorite Box Mod! Ready to get powered up?!

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